Phillies fans may not know Ty Wigginton now, but they’re eventually going to love him

Before almost every game, Ty Wigginton steps in front of a mirror just before taking the field. He straightens his hat, adjusts his uniform and gets everything just so. And the very last thing he does–and he has done this almost from the beginning–is to take a look at that MLB logo.

To Ty Wigginton that logo is a remember of all the hard work and sacrifice and of dreams realized. He’s about to begin his 11th season in the big leagues. He has made some nice money and made hundreds of friends and gained the respect of almost every teammate, coach, reporter who has been lucky enough to know him.

Still, he looks at that logo to remind himself not to take any of it for granted, to stay hungry and to respect the game and to be appreciative of all that has happened. When I heard the Phillies had signed Ty for the 2012 season, it struck me that this was a perfect marriage.

Phillies fans may not know much about Ty now, but they’re going to love him. In a clubhouse that prides itself on its work ethic and blue-collar approach, he’s the absolutely perfect addition. GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said Ty had come highly recommended from a few people, and that the more he’d looked into him, the more he was certain he’d be a nice fit.

The Phillies are Ty’s seventh team in 10 seasons, and he has appeared in 1,190 games without a single postseason game. The Phillies seem to be his best chance, and he’s thrilled about that. Charlie Manuel will love Ty, who can play first, second, third or the outfield. He’ll do whatever Charlie wants, and with a .265 career average and coming off a season in which he hit 15 home runs in 401 at-bats for the Rockies, he does it all pretty well.

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