Let’s just hope Yu Darvish keeps that blog updated

According to Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News, Yu Darvish caused a scandal when photographed smoking a cigarette in a pachinko parlor while still in high school.
Uh oh.
I was completely put off that a kid would do such thing, especially since I thought a pachinko parlor might be something else if you know what I mean and I think you.
It’s not that. It’s an arcade game similar to a slot machine.
Now about that blog. Again according to Fraley, here’s Yu—we’re going to be on a first-name basis, so why not start now?—his latest blog update:
Losing weight: Done
I finished my first round of weight loss.
I lost about 5-6 (kilograms) over three weeks (a good pace) and now plan gain 3 kg and then lose 3-4 kg in January.
I have also managed to maintain the amount I can lift!
I want to focus on growing stronger and trimming down even more.
I also recently found out how I like to blow off steam. By thinking about training exercises, how to stay fit, and supplements.
You may have realized by now that… I am weird.
Today I feel that baseball, or being an athlete, is a vocation.

It’ll be fascinating to see how the negotiating process plays out. Agent Arn Tellem fired the first shot, sort of, last night by referring to Darvish as a “once-a-generation” talent.
Isn’t that what they said about Daisuke Matsuzaka?
Darvish apparently made over $12 million last season in salary and endorsement, so it’s reasonable to assume $75 million over five years could be a workable number. If he indeed made $6 million in endorsement money, he could very well exceed that if he becomes an MLB star.
This process is a cautionary tale. Including Matsuzaka, teams have made $100-million investments in just seven pitchers: C.C. Sabathia (twice), Barry Zito, Mike Hampton, Cliff Lee and Kevin Brown. Only Sabathia has been exactly what he was supposed to be (Lee is in just the second year of his five-year, $120-million deal with the Phillies).
That said, talent evaluators love Darvish. He has an above-average fastball, a big body and an assortment of breaking pitches. He has pitched a big workload without a hint of shoulder or elbow trouble. The Rangers have done such a good job of evaluating talent that if they believe in him, it’s a strong endorsement as to what he’s capable of.

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