Updating Josh Hamilton’s amazing evening and season…


Thanks to the Elias Sports Bureau and the incomparable John Blake for the following:

  • Third player ever with four home runs in a game, all with men on base, joining Gil Hodges of Brooklyn in 1950 and Mark Whiten of St. Louis in 1993. In addition to Whiten and Hodges, the only other player with as many as eight RBIs in a four-home run game was Mike Schmidt in 1976.
  • Hodges and Schmidt are the only other players with four home runs, five-plus hits and eight-plus RBIs in a game.
  • Third player with 18 or more total bases in a game. Others: Shawn Green (19) in 2002 and Joe Adock (18) in 1954.
  • Seventh player since 1900 with five extra base hits in a game.
  • First player with six extra base hits in six plate appearances since Ken Griffey jr. in 1998.
  • MLB record is seven extra bases in seven plate appearances, shared by Cleveland’s Elmer Smith (1921) and White Sox’s Earl Sheely (1926).
  • First player with five home runs in six plate appearances since Shawn Green in 2002.
  • Hamilton is hitting .406 with 14 home runs and 36 RBIs in Rangers’ 30 games. According to Baseball Reference, only three other players have as many as 14 home runs and 36 RBIs in a team’s first 30 games: Cy Williams of the Phillies in 1923, Albert Pujols of the Cardinals in 2006 and Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees in 2007.
  • Adrian Beltre was with the Dodgers when Shawn Green homered four times on May 23, 2002, at Milwaukee. The only other player to play in two games in which a teammate homered four times was reliever Gene Garber, who pitched in Mike Schmidt’s four-homer game in 1976 and Bob Horner’s in 1986.

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