Let me tell you they’ve been laying it on thick at Fenway Park this weekend

Joe Maddon summed up his feeling for the Red Sox with these words: Ridiculous. Absurd. Idiotic. Incompetent. Cowardly behavior. Bobby Valentine fired back with a few of his own about the Rays: Unprofessional. Immature. Aggravating. Agitating. Instigating. Out of control.

I just wish these boys would stop hiding their true feelings and say what they really mean. First, a clarification. On Saturday, Maddon made it clear that he was not referring to Red Sox players. In fact, he went out of his way to praise them. Yet he made a point of letting his initial words stand. In other words, take that, Bobby V.

Look, I like Bobby Valentine. I think he’s really smart and an essentially decent man. He’s got a big ego, and at times, a big mouth, too. At times, both have gotten him into trouble. If he had it to do over again, he would have chosen his words more carefully earlier this season when he publicly wondered if Kevin Youkilis was “as physically or emotionally into the game as he has been in the past…”

He might have lost every player in his  clubhouse with those comments, and it appears he has spent the last month trying to win back the trust of his guys. Maybe, just maybe, the Youkilis incident is what caused him to go way overboard Friday night after a bench-clearing brawl that began with Luke Scott getting plunked and heading for the mound.

Bobby V. might have gone on the offensive to let his guys know he has their back. So when Maddon ripped the Sox via Twitter after Friday’s game, Valentine came out firing on Saturday.

“I took offense to the aggressiveness of their coaches,’’ he said. “I thought it was really unprofessional.”

Bobby V. has spent the last 44 of his 62 years in and around professional baseball. He played in 639 Major League games and has managed another 2,235. I doubt very seriously if anything that happened at Fenway Park really offended him. I mean, stuff happens. Guy gets hit. Guy decides to fight pitcher. Cussing and shoving ensue. Then everyone goes back to their dugouts, and play resumes. Similar things have been going on for well over 100 years.

Footnote: Boston pitchers lead the Majors with 25 HBP. Meanwhile, the Rays have been hit 30 times–11 more than any other American League team. Meanwhile, Rays pitchers have hit just 14 batters, tied for eighth in the AL.


I agree that Bobby Valentine is trying to win back the players but more important to him and his ego is what the fans and press think of him.He knows he can’t fool his players. they even sold him out during the scrum the other night . they didn’t know why someone told the pitcher to hit Luke Scott.They weren’t fired up,the rays players weren’t going after any sox players only yelling at their coaches.It was the boston coaches that were fired up. It made no sense for the rays to have hit Pedy in the sixth in a close game with two of baseball’s best hitters up next especially in Boston. the pitch just ran in on Dustin, the pitcher throws 3/4 arm slot. when that happens it just keeps running in on righties.I have never heard of a manager calling for some to get dotted because of something they’ve said off of the field but The Boston Tea Bagger, Bobby V did it.The real reason Bobby(what grown man calls himself Bobby anyway?) was because of what Luke Scott said about Fenway and the Boston fans.(yes he should have kept his trap shut in the first place) He called Fenway a dump but he also acknowledged the park’s tradition and history but said that it is old and rundown, like any 100 year old structure would be. As far as the fans go, don’t know why he dislikes the fans other than the fact that most of the Boston fans I know will tell you how cocky they are and why the should be because of how good they believe their city and teams to be. That is annoying to other teams and that is OK. Boston fans should be insulted that Bobby V thinks he can call for Scott to be hit to punish him for what he said about them, then did not have the balls to claim it (ghosts of Fenway past or some bs-coward say what you mean DBag- he would have but when the players didn’t even fall for it he knew the fans wouldn’t buy it)He had to blame it on he Rays. He wants the loyal fans to think he’s defending them while it really was just a chance to make them think he is behind them and the players. Boston fan is too smart to be treated like that, they should be pissed at him for insulting them,trying to manipulate them especially because it made their team and city look classless and bush league. Don;t let him off the hook. call him out .defend your team and yourselves. Bobby Valentine is an embarrassment to you the honor of your franchise, your city and to you the fans.Yes I am a Rays fan but I love baseball and the tradition of it. I respect your enthusiasm and love for your team. Papi is one of my favorite players. Youk works his as+ off, always plays hard. Give me 9 pedrioa’s and I will make to the series every year.Heck, I wanted us to sign Varitek to lead our team.Run Valentine out of town. He has no class and you deserve better everyday he is allowed to be in the cathedral of baseball that Fenway is an insult to Francona and all of your heroes and yourselves.Sincerely, a concerned fan of baseball

What kind of grown man calls himself Bobby? Mmmm. Bobby Cox? Bobby Cremins? Bobby Bonds? Bobby Bowden? Maybe the Rays have had more batters hit than their pitchers have hit opposing batters, but Alex Cobb did all he could against the White Sox to restore the balance.

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