The Reds are riding Joey Votto, and so is this particular blog post

Sometimes we may overlook Joey Votto. For one thing, he doesn’t seek out the spotlight. The Reds have a lot of guys like that. Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips and Ryan Hanigan and Drew Stubbs and others. Cincinnati is a blue-collar town, and the Reds represent them well. They’re a bunch of guys who are easy to root for. Also, because the Reds have been to the playoffs just once since 1996, we don’t know them the way we know the Yankees, Phillies, Rangers, etc. But the people inside the game know them, and they respect them. That respect begins with what baseball means in Cincinnati and what the Reds mean to the game.

Let’s face it, the game feels better when iconic franchises like the Reds, Dodgers and Orioles are in the mix. Maybe it’s because of all those Octobers when they dominated our television sets. The Reds have done things right the last few years. Their general manager, Walt Jocketty, is one of the most respected in the game. If you ever meet a more decent man than Dusty Baker, you’re awfully lucky. And  Joey Votto in a lot of ways is the face of the franchise.

He quietly is putting together a monster season: leading the National League in doubles, walks, OBP, slugging and OPS. He’s second in batting average, seventh in RBIs and 14th in home runs. David Wright and Carlos Gonzalez are the only other National Leaguers with an OPS above 1.000.

Votto begins the day with a 14-game hitting streak, which ties is career high and is the longest by a Red since Phillips hit in 15 in a row in 2010. Votto’s .563 average is the highest by a Reds hitter over that stretch since Gordy Coleman hit .571 in May 1965.


Hey Rich, Glad to see you are still on the move to the top. Even more happy that you have been given clearance from the Bagwell Detox Center. Sure I’m an Astros fan but I have always been fascinated by the Reds and am surprised by the continued playoff absence. Hope they can return this year. The Big Red Machine dominated in the olden day but I remember a couple of Reds that just punished the Astros:Ray Knight banging doubles off the wall and George Foster sending them sailing into the seats, no easy feat in the Dome. Gordy Coleman, lol, now that is a name from the past! Good to find you Rich, congratulations on the new column. Did you stay in the Woodlands or move on? davidinthewoodlands, David Dinkins

Happy to become one of several customer for this wonder inspiring site D. eeeeaebfkaka

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