Is Tim Lincecum pitching for his spot in the rotation?

Before we get to the angry parent, let’s begin with the raw numbers. Tim Lincecum has won two of his 14 starts. His 6.19 ERA is the highest among qualified starters. He has allowed at least four runs in 10 of 14 starts and is winless since April 28. The Giants have lost his last nine starts.

Theories abound. He never should have lost weight in the off-season. Could that be the reason for an alarming drop in velocity? He spent too much time on conditioning and not enough on pitching in the off-season. Virtually everyone  who cares about the Giants has an idea why Lincecum has pitched this way. The Giants have stuck by him, so far, but he could be pitching for his spot in the rotation against the A’s tonight.

The Giants have drop him from the rotation if he doesn’t pitch well against the A’s tonight. This is all difficult to comprehend. Lincecum won Cy Young Awards in his first two Major League seasons. He began the season with a 69-41 career record and a 2.98 ERA. He wasn’t just one of the best pitchers in the game. He was one of the best ever.

And now he’s pitching for a spot in the rotation?

Giants GM Brian Sabean said Lincecum did two bullpen sessions between starts instead of his usual one to work on mechanical issue. Will it help? Who knows?

Regardless of how it plays out, Chris Lincecum, Tim’s father, is plenty ticked off.

“Here’s a two-time Cy Young winner, a four-time All-Star, a World Series champion, and send him to the minors?” Chris Lincecum told USA Today “You do that, and what you’re basically telling the player is, ‘We don’t need you or respect you.’ And this is the kid who helped bring a championship to the city of Sab Francisco for the first time in over 50 years?

“It’s like people forget what he’s done. It’s like, ‘What the (expletive) do I have to do. What more do you want? I gave you two Cy Youngs. I was a major contributor to the World Series. And you crucify me now?’ “

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