As the Nationals and Braves played into the night, Edwin Jackson came up huge.

“If you’ve been watching the emotions of the players, it was almost like a playoff game because we made high-energy mistakes.”–Davey Johnson.

I love this stuff. Edwin Jackson had thrown 103 pitches in a seven-inning 2-0 loss to the Mets on Saturday. In his normal routine, he’d pitch again on Thursday. But as the Nationals and Braves played on and on Monday night, as Davey Johnson started to run out of arms, Jackson put his cleats on and went to the bullpen.

He didn’t get into the game, but gestures like that mean a lot in a long season. It was a big August series, a series that could go a long way toward determining the National League East, and Jackson let every teammate know he was going to do his part.

Johnson used eight pitchers (and 20 players in all) in a game that Nationals won in the 13th inning after 4 hours, 27 minutes. He pinch hit for Craig Stammen in the bottom of the 13th, and if Chad Tracy hadn’t delivered the game-winning hit, Jackson was the next man up.

“I wasn’t doing it for heroism,” Jackson said. “But the bullpen was done. It was a game that we could possibly win.”

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