A’s just keep plugging along and finish with 4 of 7 against the Rangers

The A’s have been baseball’s best team since the All-Star Break. Since ending a nine-game losing streak on June 2, they’re 56-30, also the best record in the Majors in that time.  They’re the only team in baseball that has had both a nine-game losing streak and a nine-game winning streak. They were 13 games behind the Rangers on June 30 and six out on August 25. They haven’t been closer than three games since the second week of the regular season.

Like with the Orioles, there probably was a time when there was skepticism about how good the A’s really were. That doubt is gone. The A’s have the second-best ERA in the American League–they’ve walked one or zero batters in eight straight games–and are the American League’s second-highest scoring team in the All-Star Break.

They’ve hit 77 home runs since the break, second-most in the majors. They’ve got 13 walk-off victories and have won 12 of their last 15 one-run games. Even without Brandon McCarthy, the A’s appear to have enough pitching to get by. If they can get the gap down to three games, they could make the AL West entertaining the last few weeks. The A’s play four of their final seven games against the Rangers.

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And they are doing this with a $53 million payroll compared to $121 million for te Rangers.

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