Orioles and Nationals finish wildly successful seasons, and the W-L record is just the beginning of what went right

This might just be the beginning of something instead of an ending. The Nationals and Orioles both appear poised for long-term success thanks to gifted Major League rosters and a solid number of young players who could push for jobs in 2012. That’s part of the good news during a season in which both teams vaulted into contention.

But the really spectacular headline is that Baltimore and Washington are excited about Major League Baseball. Even though the ballparks are a mere 38 miles apart, the two franchises drew almost 4.5 million, a 21-percent increase over last season.

Both teams are disappointed that their seasons ended on Friday. Both had dreamed of bigger things, especially the Nationals who had the best record in the Major Leagues.

That said,winning is a process. Young players have to deal with the grind of a regular season plus the inning-by-inning pressure of a playoff series. Given the large number of young guys on the Major League rosters, both teams have a chance to get better in the years ahead.

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I am happy for both teams. However, the handling of Strasburg was abysmal, showing a terrible lack of planning on the part of Nationals management,

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