Chemistry issues? Maybe that won’t be a problem for the Dodgers after all thanks to all that pitching and Carl Crawford.

Not everyone thought the Dodgers were going to have an easy time of it. They wondered how all those strong personalities and huge salaries would fit together. They wondered how Don Mattingly would deal with his lame-duck status. They wondered if expectations might become a smothering burden.

Me being the inquisitive sort and all, I ran these theories by Josh Beckett during Spring Training. Surprisingly, he looked at me like I might not be the smartest guy in the room.

“Winning,” he said.

Okay, good point.

But winning can be connected to clubhouse environment. At least that’s one of the theories by those of us who aren’t actually  in the clubhouse when the good stuff takes place.

Beckett’s point was that winning can breed chemistry. Once the Dodgers started playing well, all that other stuff would take care of itself. It’s amazing what a great teammate the guy at the next locker is after he has knocked in three runs.

And if you believed in the Dodgers, that’s where you began.

There was a chance the Dodgers might not have any problem fitting all the new players together because they’re starting rotation had the potential to be baseball’s best. So far, that’s exactly what has happened.

The Dodgers’ rotation has the best ERA in baseball at 1.73. Clayton Kershaw has thrown 16 shutout innings on the board. Zack Greinke didn’t allow one in his lone start. Rookie Hyun-jin Ryu has been as good as advertised. So far, Chad Billingsley right elbow appears sound.

A change of scenery has worked wonders for two veterans—Carl Crawford (.464) and Adrian Gonzalez (.393). Once Matt Kemp starts to hit and Hanley Ramirez is back from the Disabled List, the Dodgers could put something special together.

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> they’re starting rotation
Oh, come on.

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