Dodgers roll along. Our daily update.

  • Dodgers starters are 21-5 with a 1.91 ERA since July 26. In that time, they’ve had 12 games in which the starter didn’t allow an earned run.
  • The Dodgers are 22-6 in August and 32-8 since the All-Star Break and 49-13 since June 22.
  • 22 wins in August is a Los Angeles record for the franchise.
  • July and August are the second- and third-winningest months in LA franchise history.
  • The Dodgers have eight shutouts this month, second-most in franchise history behind 10 in September 1965.
  • Last MLB team to have eight shutouts in a month was the Dodgers in September 1988.
  • Three Dodgers starters are in the Top 5 in NL ERA this month among pitchers with at least five starters. Jose Fernandez (0.82), Alex Wood (0.90), Clayton Kershaw (1.01), Zack Greinke (1.23) and Rick Nolasco (1.64).
  •  Nolasco, Greinke and Kershaw are 13-2 with a 1.30 ERA this month. Since the mound was lowered in 1969, no other three starters has combined in a single month for 13 wins and an ERA as low as 1.30 with each making four or more starts. (Source: Elias.)
  •  Since the All-Star break, Dodger relievers have a 2.10 ERA, third-lowest in NL.


Please let me know your thoughts on Texas A&M’s quarterback situation….Is Johnny “Football” worth the headache??

Luis Cruz has not been the Dodger starting 3rd baseman or even on their team in 3 months..either research the team better that you are trying to give info on or don’t even bother us with you uninformed stories.

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