All your Hall of Fame questions answered here

Okay, almost all. First, though, a little Cooperstown tourism plug. If you have a chance to visit, do it. It’s perfect. That’s Cooperstown itself and that’s the Hall of Fame. If you’re a baseball fan, it will fill your soul. If you’re an American history buff, it will be a great experience.

Here’s your 2015 Hall of Fame checklist:

  • 310 Hall of Famers
  • 215 players
  • 119 voted in by writers
  • 47 of 70 living Hall of Famers will be in Cooperstown for induction ceremony.
  • 2016 ballot has one slam-dunk first-time: Ken Griffey Jr. Also on ballot: Trevor Hoffman and Billy Wagner.
  • Deserving holdovers from 2015 ballot: Mike Piazza, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, Mike Mussina, Jeff Bagwell, Alan Trammell, Edgar Martinez, Tim Raines.
  • Hall of Famers by position/jobs: 77 pitchers, 16 catchers, 21 first basemen, 21 second basemen, 16 third basemen, 24 shortstops, 21 left fielders, 23 center fielders, 24 right fielders, 1 designated hitter, 23 managers, 10 umpires, 33 executives.


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Richard, did you get the chance to speak with Jeff Bagwell ths past weekend,wonder how he is

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